Super 73 Review

Super 73 RX Review

Today we’re doing a full review of the new Super 73 RX, an electric bike that features full suspension, a powerful motor that can go up to 30mph, and a big battery with up to 75 miles of range. With an aggressive and rugged design, it turns heads and also performs and feels more like an electric motorcycle, while still being street legal and does not require any license or registration.

Last year we reviewed the Super 73 Z1, their entry level e-bike. This year, we bought the RX so we could put it to the test and answer the question- is it the best electric bike of 2020?

First up, the price: the RX comes in at $3,245 from putting it on the higher end of the fat tire ebikes available. If you’re looking for a coupon code for Super 73, use this link and you’ll save $100 off from

Shipping and Setup

For shipping, it took 8 days and was shipped by freight. Once it arrives in your city, another freight forwarding delivery company will then reach out and schedule the final delivery to your location, which could take a few days.

It arrives in a large box, and inside the bike is neatly wrapped up and almost fully assembled. The bike also comes with a user manual, the pedals, some hardware to install, and the charger for the bike. All you need to do is unwrap it, attach the handlebars, screw in the pedals and you’re ready to ride.

Design & Specs
Taking a closer look at the design, the RX features an open frame design with the battery on top, which resembles a gas tank from classic cafe racer moped designs. The frame is aluminum, which reduces the overall weight — making the bike only 80lbs. The seat height is 32 inches high, which isn’t adjustable. The seat cushion is super comfortable and has a cutout design so you can lean back against it.

For wheels and tires, the RX features 20 inch wheels and all terrain fat tires that have a custom tread pattern for both street and off-road terrain. They are designed to increase stability on the road while reducing road noise and still having good traction for some off-road riding. The wheels on the RX also have cutouts on them, which is made to reduce weight. On the Carmine Red color, the cutouts are black but on the Rhino Grey they have green inserts that make them really stand out.

When riding off-road, the Super 73 can easily handle light off roading like dirt roads, paths and even small jumps. It rides great on more flat paths, but once you get to bigger rocks and tree stumps is when the RX starts to feel a bit bulky and hard to maneuver.

Taking a look at the suspension, the RX features a coil spring fork with air assist on the front, and a rear coilover mono shock. With each suspension system, you can adjust preload, compression and rebound to fine tune the ride.

For lights, the RX comes outfitted with both headlight and tail light, which are super bright and can easily be turned on from either the bike controls or the app. Let’s also not forget about the front headlight cover, which makes the bike look like it’s ready for a post-apocalyptic world. We also noticed our RX came with pre-installed wiring on both the front and back for blinkers, and when we asked Super 73 they confirmed the ability to plug them in will be added in future software updates. There’s also plenty of other upgrades and accessories that can be done to the RX, and the frame of the bike has plenty of screw holes to easily bolt on extra accessories.

Looking at the display on the handlebars, it has a super sleek and minimalistic design with a round LED display and 3 buttons — up/down buttons and a select button. You can quickly change your pedal assist modes, or use the select button to change what displays on the screen, like your speed, range or cadence. You can also change the settings like the contrast, or pick between km/h or mph, and even rotate the screen if you want to switch the position of the display.

The RX also features bluetooth capability that pairs with an app for iPhone and Android. Using the app, you can see the battery remaining and change the throttle power settings between 4 different modes. You can track your rides using the app and use the navigation feature, which will display the turn by turn directions on the display of the bike.

For the motor, it’s placed in the rear wheel and outputs a peak of 2,000 watts of power when in Unlimited mode. It also features 4 levels of pedal assist that will help get the bike going faster from a stop. We found that the acceleration and torque of the RX was slow and steady, but still does not have a lot of torque. Other e-bikes we’re testing like the Segway X160, also known as the Sur Ron, have a lot more torque and acceleration off the line. However the pedal assist on the RX does kick in right away, and if you pedal from a stop while also holding the throttle you can get going quickly and also improve your range. For pedaling, there’s only 1 gear and once you get up to 15mph or higher the pedaling becomes irrelevant.

For the brakes, the RX has hydraulic 4 piston calipers so it can stop on a dime. You can even lock up the rear wheel easily, so you can do sliding stops and skids.

Battery and Range

Looking at the battery, the RX features a 960Wh (watt hour) battery that is located on top. It’s quick and easy to remove, with a key on the side to unlock and it slides right off. This is convenient if you want to leave your bike somewhere and bring your battery in to charge.

When it comes to range, Suer 73 advertises a 40-mile range using throttle only, and up to 75 miles or more using pedal assist. We did a range test with throttle only on the highest unlimited mode, with a 175lb rider. We rode almost 11 miles of street going 30mph, then did another 2–3 miles off-road before riding back 11 miles home. By the time we got back, we had done 25 miles and the battery was down to 15%. But even at that level, the bike had very little power output and the motor was barely giving any assistance. By 10% battery, it felt like it was completely dead. Fortunately with the Super 73, you do have the ability to pedal home even when you run out of battery.

For road noise, the entire bike is quiet. The motor and tires are near silent — even at high speeds.

When it comes to riding the Super 73 RX, this is where you realize what the bike was built for. With a top speed of 30mph, it feels large and sturdy and when going fast, it hugs the road and feels like riding a motorcycle. It’s super fun to switch between the road and the sidewalks, and the suspension combined with the big tires can handle any obstacles thrown at it. However, smartwatch xiaomi amazfit t-rex a1919 keep in mind that the Super 73 is not a full off-road ebike and if you’re looking for an electric dirt ebike, be sure to watch our review of the Segway X160.

So…is the RX worth the high price tag of $3,200 when you can buy mopeds like the Honda Ruckus or even used motorcycles? There’s plenty of advantages to eBikes, the biggest one being that you don’t need a license or registration. It’s also quiet so it doesn’t bother anyone. And there’s little to no maintenance in the long term because of the electric motor. You can also easily lift it into the back of a truck and also lay it down flat, unlike a bike with a gas engine. Overall, we love the Super 73 RX for street riding and light off-roading, and plan on doing more customizations to the bike.

Super 73 Helmet
If you’re looking for a helmet for your Super 73, the ones in this video and article are the Scorpion EXO Covert, with both the gold and ruby mirrored sun shields. You can get them at for $209.



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